Mar 12

The Mossman Collection

George Mossman assembled a large collection of horse-drawn carriages from many different periods at his farm in Caddington. On his death they were donated to the museum at Stockwood Park, Luton. An illustrated talk will be given by Elise Naish, head of Heritage and Collections at the Culture Trust, Luton.

The talk will be followed by the society’s annual meeting.

Apr 9

Pictures In The Parlour

Long before the invention of cinema and television, Victorian audiences marvelled at the entertainment provided by magic lantern shows. Kevin Varty uses vintage equipment and a valuable collection of hand-painted glass slides to outline the history of these early image projectors.

May 14

Pioneering Women In Motoring

Debbie Land talks about some of the women who paved the way to the motoring world we know today. As part of her "magnificent women" series she spotlights racers, innovators and speed queens, as well as law-makers and law-breakers.

June, July and August. The society's summer break.
Sept 10

The British Civil Wars, 1642-51, In Art

The Civil Wars, which had a significant impact on Dunstable, have been the subject of numerous works of art, some well-known and others largely forgotten. Stephen Barker, a heritage advisor who is trustee of the military museum at Buckingham, talks about some important moments in the conflict as illustrated by paintings made at the time and in the Victorian era.